Are you ready to feel the salty breezes?

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The moss covered oak trees and salty sea breezes of Savannah beckoned to me 32 years ago from my home in Jackson, MS. It is in this charming southern city that I have raised my two children with my amazing husband and spent thirty wonderful years expanding the minds of eight year old children.

As a Pisces, I am naturally drawn to the water and enjoy spending hours on the beach wading in the surf and most recently, gathering oyster shells from local riverbanks. To most people, the words oyster shell do not ring synonymously with beauty. However, I see nature’s handiwork in the ridges, grooves, and curves of this unique shell. After adding a hint of color and a lot of shine, I have transformed this “ugly duckling” into a work of art.

The motivation behind launching my business was a combination of being in charge of my own destiny and making high-quality, unique pieces of art for women around the world that showcase the inherent beauty of the oyster shell.

My jewelry stands alone. It is for the confident woman who strives to be a style conscious individual. Each piece evokes a sophisticated yet playful attitude and are comfortable and flattering. Compliments are guaranteed.


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